Get some ink: Tear Sheet prints

Here you have pages from my portfolio, carefuly printed on  30 x 40 cm archival paper. Shipped securely rolled and ready to be framed. 

Two facts:

  • I often change my portfolio photographs. That’s life;
  • For years, I’ve observed thoses images being stolen, ripped from the book, grabbed from the Web. Even tore off walls during public exhbition. That’s the thrill. 

From now, I’ve decided to put some of them on sale. And for that fixed price, it remains a steal! I hope it doesn’t rob your pleasure. 

Pick the name of the photograph you would like to order from the collection above. 

Take me home (buy me)

Pages issues de mon portfolio, feuillets de 30 x 40 cm, impression sur papier Archive. Enroulées et protégées dans un cylindre de carton, prêtes à être encadrées.


  • Régulièrement, je modifie les images de mes portfolios. C’est la vie;
  • Au fil du temps, j’ai constaté que des images disparaissaient de mon dossier, ou bien qu’elles étaient volées sur le web. Il est même arrivé qu’elles soient arrachées d’une exposition publique. C’est le jeu.

Désormais, il est possible de les acheter. Le prix auquel elles sont à vendre n’enlèvera rien au plaisir de les posséder.

Butterfly/ signed/ black frame/ inkjet printing/ print size: 50cm-50cm/ frame size 63cm-63cm


Few time after I tooked this photograph, I was invited to express myself about my craft. It was meant to be a short text introducing my part in the catalogue of the Institut français de la mode, as photographer. Between other things, I mentioned that I was gathering photographs as others would collect butterflies. It was some years ago and yet, this precise butterfly remains one of my favorites. Now, I realize that it displays also a move in my work towards something more abstract. Leaving paths of pure narrative and exploring more sensitive trails of perception. My wife would prefer that we keep it hanged on our wall but I ‘m sure it’s best to let it fly in someone else’s life. 

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