Carte Blanche for Periscope agency / by Lionel Samain

What would the words «Emerge by digital» look like in pictures? What would be the visual story behind this tagline? That is what the french agency Periscope asked me some weeks ago. And I was extremely enthousiastic to storm my mind around the edges of this concept.


How to picture the «digital»?

First, let’s clear the obvious: escape from clichés, use your instinct as a compas to chart new territories. Yeld to an odd siren call. Slope down to deep waters where imagination takes over mundane triviality. And emerge to the hidden face of ideas. At last, vibrations take shapes, light becomes language, the world transmute into harmony and meaning. Then, it sounds right.


Challenge accepted! Vibes, liquids, colours, I couldn’t wait to put my hands on them and film this emerging universe, life.

Model Dorien Pauwels is staring as the siren under the supervision of makeup artist Mathieu De Mayer.


EMERGE by DIGITAL - Made for Periscope agency

Direction & photography by Lionel Samain - Makeup & hair by Mathieu de Mayer - Model is Dorien Pauwels