How to find hypnosis solace in 7 films with photography / by Lionel Samain

When I was a little boy, I dreamed of making animated films. I discovered where my dad was hidding his super 8 mm camera, traded some toys for a roll of fresh film and drew every images for a very short movie coming straight from my imagination and a box of crayons. After a whole summer of concentration on my story, the negative was ready to be shipped to the lab. It was epic. But the postal service lost it. And so was gone my dream.

But now, that I’m a grown photographer, I can enjoy the long, hard and hypnotic work of interpolation of frames in the intent of creating an illusion. My daily routine, briefly said.

I chose to work around Arte’s new collections of wallpapers, as I felt attracted to their bewitching paterns and had a hint about their ability to lead to a hypnotic induction.

Now, sit comfortably and press the play button. You are getting very, very sleepy...your eyelids are getting heavy that you cannot hold them up. You are now asleep. Go deeper asleep. You are under!

Spellbound Tear Sheet

Film by Lionel Samain /Model is Dorien Pauwels/ Mup & Hair by Mathieu De Mayer /Shot in Onzième Lieu, Paris /Wallpaper by Arte Int.

There are six more variations around that theme:

Spellbound Tear Sheet - variation n°1

Spellbound Tear Sheet - variation n°2

Spellbound Tear Sheet - variation n°3

Spellbound Tear Sheet - variation n°4

Spellbound Tear Sheet - variation n°5

Spellbound Tear Sheet - variation n°6

Before diving so deep in that work, I planed my journey through the method with that first short piece.

Spellbound Tear Sheet - prelude

I was so absorbed in the making, I didn’t notice that my cat was taking selfies while napping when I was in his picture field… Thanks Mr Spock!