ゆめ - Un rêve de Paris by Lionel Samain

A summer ago, I started this portraits project with journalist Ludmilla Intravaia, mesmerized by Japan. We are both from Belgium and moved together  to live in Paris. That’s not a huge cultural gap but it’s yet big enough to make us sensitive to the adventure our subjects are experiencing when leaving their thousand of miles far away island to meet the stunning  cultural shock of parisian streets. Chasing a dream of Paris, what do they catch?

Yuki's dream: "I was looking for something beyond my reach."


Nadéah by Lionel Samain

Nadéah is an australian singer, living in Paris, arrived in France "because of the food", as I've read somewhere. Her popularity may be growing recently, as I've seen numerous posters for coming concerts hanging on the subway's walls. Don't thank me for the info, I'm just pleased to keep you posted...

With 3 pictures shot in only 1 hour, I simply did break a personal record. 

I confess I was a bit into butterfly mode. I got better since, thank you for asking.

Alexis Jenni (Goncourt 2011) by Lionel Samain

How does a guy who won one of the most renowned literacy price in France for his very first published novel look like?


Quite good mooded, actually, despite the stone freezing temperature that day.

Few days earlier, I could scout this background, close to Lyon's Station, in Paris. One of the coldest afternoon last winter. My finger got frozen and glued to the shutter button of the camera.